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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ePortal in Florida?

ePortal– The ePortal is the statewide e-filing portal through which all pleadings submitted for e-filing in Florida’s trial courts are received, processed, and accepted. The ePortal itself is governed by the Florida Courts e-Filing Authority and is maintained by the FCCC. The ePortal is available 24 hours a day at

What is the Florida Courts eFiling Portal?

Florida Courts eFiling Portal The Florida Courts E-Filing Portal is a statewide website mandated by the Florida Legislature and the E-Filing Authority that provides E-Filing capability to users with a single login.

Who is the Florida courts e-filing authority?

Florida Courts e-Filing Authority– The Florida Courts e-Filing Authority is the body that oversees the development, implementation and operation of the statewide ePortal designed to process the filing of court documents in all of Florida’s trial courts.

How do I register to access the ePortal?

Registration is required to access the ePortal. If you do not have an ID and password, or have logged on previously and do not know your ID or password click on Whatu0019s my pin? to get a pin. Then click on Register and using the pin received, create a unique ID (not previously used) and password.

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