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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the epidemiologic triangle and how can it be used?

The Epidemiologic Triangle can be used to understand the communication of HIV better and improve interventions aimed at its prevention: Agent. HIV affects the human immune system. It is caused by a viral infection. As this health issue influences the immune system adversely, it prevents people’s bodies from protecting themselves from other agents.

What is the epidemiology of HIV/AIDS?

Epidemiology of HIV/AIDS --- United States, 1981--2005. These findings emphasize the need for a comprehensive national surveillance system, expanding the use of new HIV-testing technologies, promoting knowledge of HIV serostatus, and improving access to care and prevention interventions.

How many people were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in 2001-2004?

During 2001--2004, an estimated 157,468 persons had HIV/AIDS diagnosed in the 35 areas reporting to CDC ( Table ), with the annual case number decreasing from 41,270 in 2001 to 38,730 in 2004. Fifty-one percent of HIV/AIDS cases diagnosed during 2001--2004 were among blacks.

Does HIV subtype affect rapid disease progression in Uganda?

The effect of HIV subtype on rapid disease progression in Rakai, Uganda. 13th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunitic Infections; Denver, CO, USA. Feb 6–9, 2006. [ Google Scholar] 33. Centlivre M, Sommer P, Michel M, et al. The HIV-1 clade C promoter is particularly well adapted to replication in the gut in primary infection.

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