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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for epayitonline?

Visit the official ePayItOnline website now at You will now be redirected to the ePayItOnline login page. Here you must enter the access number and the identification code in the required fields to log in to the ePayItOnline registration portal. Verify the information you entered and click the Submit button.

What is epayitonline and how does it work?

A Data Media Association (DMA) launched a gateway for online payment of medical bills called ePayItOnline. The portal makes it easy to access and pay your medical bill without queuing at stores or going to the counter. One of the benefits for patients is that they can easily settle the bill without having to do all the heavy lifting themselves.

How to apply for e-pay online?

Open your browser and go to the official website called You can login to the page here. After submitting, you will be asked to enter your access number and identification code. Check all details and then click on the Submit button. You are now at the plateau.

How do I register to use Payit online?

The registration process begins at Launch your device’s browser and visit the website to get started. The page will take a few minutes to fully load. Once a page is fully loaded, you need to fill in the fields provided with the login ID and the code ID. The medical record contains the access code and identification code.

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