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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of epact?

Definition of epact. : a period added to harmonize the lunar with the solar calendar.

What can epact do for your community?

Please try again later. ePACT is purpose-built for community organizations. (Even more special, families in your community use the same account to connect with everybody) Seamlessly collect and access participant health and emergency forms – online, offline, and on the go.

What browsers can I use to access epact2?

We recommend you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access ePACT2. Changes due to the CCG reorganisation have been implemented with effect from April 2021 dispensing data and have been implemented across all our reporting systems where applicable - Information Services Portal (ISP), Open Data Portal (OPD) and ePACT2.

Are there any DOE programs not covered by EPAct 1992?

Find deadlines for model year 2022. EPAct 1992 also established two related DOE programs not covered by this site: Federal Fleets and Clean Cities.

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