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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about epaces?

Providers should contact the eMedNY Call Center at 1-800-343-9000 for more information on ePACES enrollment. Training for ePACES is available from eMedNY Regional Representatives. Quick reference documents are available in this section of the website to guide providers through ePACES usage.

How does epaces work with emedny?

Warning: ePACES provides individuals the ability to create and submit transactions to eMedNY over the Internet using their browser. Collecting multiple transactions created in ePACES, and submitting these as batches is also supported.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of epaces?

A great advantage of ePACES is the speedy availability of claim status. For claims submitted via ePACES (batch method), the status of the claim (s) is available usually on the same day the claim was submitted. Automated scripting of the ePACES online access and entry process to eMedNY is forbidden

What is epaces and how will it affect HIPAA?

In addition to role-based security, ePACES will restrict the access based on HIPAA transactions. Users will be able to access only the data associated the Provider Identification Numbers they have been authorized to work with. The ePACES application will give providers the ability to remotely administer and manage their users’ security.

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