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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can providers get more information about epaces?

Providers should contact the eMedNY Call Center at 1-800-343-9000 for more information on ePACES enrollment. Training for ePACES is available from eMedNY Regional Representatives.

What is epaces in New York State?

What is ePACES? ePACES is the acronym for the Electronic Provider Assisted Claim Entry System, a web-based application which will allow Providers to create/submit claims and other transactions in HIPAA format. eMedNY developed this application on behalf of the NYS Department of Health. How do I enroll in ePACES?

What do I need to enroll in epaces?

To enroll in ePACES, you need your National Provider ID (NPI) or Medicaid Provider Identification number (MMIS), a valid e-mail address, the ETIN of the person or entity who will submit claims, prior approvals or eligibility requests for you, i.e. the ‘Submitter’, and the contact information for the Submitter.

How does epaces work with emedny?

Warning: ePACES provides individuals the ability to create and submit transactions to eMedNY over the Internet using their browser. Collecting multiple transactions created in ePACES, and submitting these as batches is also supported.

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