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Frequently Asked Questions

What are enzyme drain cleaners and why use them?

Enzyme drain cleaners are a natural and eco-friendly way to clean pipes, drains and prevent clogs . The enzymes work to remove buildup by eating through it. Monthly use of the enzyme drain cleaners can prevent clogs from forming. If your drain has already become clogged or backed up, an enzyme cleaner is not the route to take.

Do green kitchen cleaners really work?

Some of the eco-friendly, green cleaners on the market do a good job of cleaning, but be sure to check independent reviews to see which ones work best. Many common items you have in your kitchen - including vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and salt - are organic, safe, inexpensive, and work great for household cleaning.

What is a good enzyme based cleaner?

The 10 Best Enzyme Drain Cleaners Green Gobbler Refresh. The formula inside each bottle of Green Gobbler Refresh (appx. ... Black Diamond Stoneworks Get Serious. For large-scale commercial applications, there's the 5-gallon bucket of Black Diamond Stoneworks Get Serious (around $100). Bio-Clean Ultimate Kit. ... Helix Laboratories DrainScrub. ... Roebic Septic Tank Treatment. ... FDC Break Down. ... More items...

Can you kill an enzyme?

Enzymes are not alive, so they cannot be killed. Typically though, bringing an enzyme to a boiling temperature is enough to denature it.

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