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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose enterprise for service awards?

When tasked with providing Service Awards around the globe, Enterprise is your solution. Enterprise is a SaaS based, multilingual solution with in country award delivery in over 100+ countries. Culturally appropriate awards and brands that your employees expect in different parts of the world.

What is a Service Award program?

Whether you call it a service award program, service milestone award program, length of service award program or employee anniversary program, they all are based on the simple premise of recognizing employees on their work anniversary or corporate birthday.

What are the benefits of employee years of service awards?

One of the best ways to accomplish this is through implementing an employee years of service awards service program at your company. Service awards programs show recognition and appreciation for your employees' commitment to your company as well as their performance.

How do you present a Service Award to an employee?

Present the milestone award: Whether it is a plaque, a lapel pin, or a glass trophy, be sure to inscribe the employee's name and the milestone that is being celebrating. This is the formal recognition aspect of your service award program that will stand the test of time. Write a note: A heartfelt note can mean the world to someone.

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