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Frequently Asked Questions

What units are used to measure strain?

Strain is just the extension divided by the original length of the material. So the units are m/m. This obviously cancels out and so strain has no units. Stress however is measured in pascals (newtons per metre squared).

What are units of strain energy?

The unit of strain energy density are J/m3 (SI) and in-lb/in3 (British). The area under a complete stress-strain diagram gives a measure of a material's ability to absorb energy up to fracture and is called toughness.

How are units of strain measured?

Strain Gauge Strain Units. Strain is defined as the amount of deformation per unit length of an object when a load is applied. Sensor Designs. The deformation of an object can be measured by mechanical, optical, acoustical, pneumatic, and electrical means. Bonded Resistance Gauges. ...

What is strain in engineering?

Strain is the response of a system to an applied stress. When a material is loaded with a force, it produces a stress, which then causes a material to deform. Engineering strain is defined as the amount of deformation in the direction of the applied force divided by the initial length of the material.

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