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Frequently Asked Questions

What should your engagement agreement include?

Your engagement agreement should advise the client that you have the right to withdraw , subject to court approval where applicable, as well as the grounds and procedure for any such withdrawal. Similarly, your agreement should inform the clients of their right to discharge you as their lawyer and the method for doing so.

What is a CPA engagement letter?

ENGAGEMENT LETTER Definition. ENGAGEMENT LETTER is a letter that represents the understanding about the engagement between the client and the CPA. The letter identifies the financial statements and describes the nature of procedures to be performed.

What is a tax engagement letter?

The engagement letter also identifies the ability to use or disclose tax information. When an individual or business secures the services of an attorney, the attorney's responsibility to the client is generally broad. If the relationship is to be limited, it should be confirmed in a written agreement.

What is an engagement letter for an accountant?

An engagement letter defines the legal relationship (or engagement) between a professional firm (e.g., law, investment banking, consulting, advisory or accountancy firm) and its client(s). This letter states the terms and conditions of the engagement, principally addressing the scope of the engagement and the terms of compensation for the firm.

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