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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the contents of engagement letter?

Typical Engagement Letter Format Parties. Every engagement letter starts by stating the parties to the agreement. ... Service type. Each agreement also clearly states the type of service being provided by the firm to its client. Specific service details. ... Responsibilities of each party. ... Disclaimer. ... Validity and termination. ...

What is engagement letter in terms of Audit?

Audit Engagement Letter can be defined as an agreement that is signed between a client, and an accounting firm, in order to maintain the existing accounting functionality of the business. This document indicates the beginning of the audit engagement of the company with the audit partner, formally.

Do I need to sign the letter of engagement?

A properly drafted engagement letter should require that the client sign and return the letter to confirm that he or she has read, understood, and agreed with its terms. Because it is a contract, the engagement letter should be signed before the CPA begins the work.

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