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Frequently Asked Questions

Is EnergySage a good company?

While EnergySage can't give you a definitive answer, the company can connect you with professionals in the industry that can. EnergySage also has online resources that break down the solar process in detail and help homeowners understand how solar can help them. Does EnergySage have any accreditation or affiliations?

What is the EnergySage solar marketplace?

The EnergySage Solar Marketplace connects homeowners with local, prescreened, qualified solar energy installers that match consumers’ financial goals, lifestyle and budget. Homeowners that use EnergySage can access reviews, pricing info and contact information for more than 500 of the industry's best solar power installers.

What does EnergySage do?

The company specializes on Geothermal, Solar Electrics, Small Wind, Solar Hot water, combined heat and power systems. EnergySage focuses on installing solar panel to any types of roof like flat, tiles, asphalt and inclined. However, pricing and installation process may vary depending on kinds of roof.

What is your review of EnergySage based on?

This review is based on the personal experience and opinions of EnergySage clients. I have tested the platform and am reasonably well-versed with the features and functions of the website. In addition to my first-hand experience, I referenced the opinion of other users based on their reviews of the site to compile this article.

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