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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Enduro products?

Enduro products offer outstanding service for copper, potash, zinc, nickel, and other mineral operations. Enduro's multiple product lines have performed exceedingly well in several pulp & paper mills around the world.

What is the best enduro bike?

The Spectral is our most versatile enduro bike. The Spectral brings the best mixture of traction, control, handling and playfulness together into a simple and versatile trail-taming tool. The fastest, most versatile long travel 29er you'll ride.

Why endenduro mountain bikes?

Enduro mountain bikes give you the best of both worlds with Canyon signature engineering and enough travel for the toughest trails. Downhill, enduro, freeride. With 180mm travel and poppy suspension you can do it all.

Why is the new Enduro only on 29-inch wheels?

That’s why the new Enduro rolls exclusively on 29-inch wheels. It marries 170 millimeters of suspension travel with big wheels in a package that’s crazy fast. With the new Enduro, seat tubes and stack heights don’t grow massively between sizes.

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