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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the family Madrigal in Encanto?

“The Family Madrigal” is the introduction song from Disney’s 2021 musical film Encanto. It introduces the key family members of the main character, Mirabel, as well as one of… Read More Drawers! Floors! Doors! Let's go! Woah ( Oh-oh-oh-oh ), and every year our family blessings grow! The home of the Family Madrigal (We're on our way!)

Where does the song Encanto by Isabela go on the charts?

And just like the other songs on the Encanto soundtrack, it’s climbing up our charts like one of Isabela’s flowering vines, so far peaking at No. 43 on the Billboard Hot 100. If you’re curious about the Madrigal family or just want to get reintroduced, find all the lyrics below:

Where to start with Disney’s Encanto?

If you’re wondering about all the buzz surrounding Disney ’s Encanto, the best place to start is with “The Family Madrigal,” the impossibly peppy opening number that introduces each of the “fantastical and magical” family members.

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