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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Antonio Madrigal in Encanto?

Antonio Madrigal is one of the main characters of the Disney's 2021 animated feature film Encanto. He is Félix and Pepa 's youngest son, as well as the younger brother of Dolores and Camilo. His magical gift is talking to animals. Antonio is Mirabel's youngest cousin who has a sweet relationship with her, with Mirabel being a big sister to him. [2]

Who is Antonio in Disney's Encanto?

In Disney's Encanto, Antonio has the power to communicate with animals, and he may have been secretly helping Mirabel all along. Disney's Encanto introduces the magical Madrigals, a Colombian family with special powers to help their community.

Does Encanto show all of the madrigals' bedrooms?

Although Encanto does not show all of the Madrigals’ bedrooms, it's clear that each of the family members' rooms relates to their particular gifts, but within the plot of the movie, each of the shown rooms also reflects how its corresponding character grows throughout the story.

Did Antonio help Mirabel in Encanto?

Antonio and Mirabel have a close relationship in Encanto, and the former may have helped his older cousin the whole time. According to a fan theory (via Reddit ), Antonio watched Mirabel from behind the scenes and helped her discover the problem with the Madrigal miracle.

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