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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free employee scheduling software?

7Shifts is the perfect free employee scheduling app for restaurants, bars, and other similar businesses, providing managers and staff with a wide range of useful features beyond just efficient schedule creation. It’s easy to create shifts and assign workers to them, helping you keep your restaurant running smoothly.

What features does free employee scheduling software usually have?

A free software should integrate with your time and attendance solution to enhance payroll calculation. This combination helps users map the clock-in and clock-out hours of their staff to project expected payroll expenses. A successful scheduling app should offer robust tools for absence management, tracking vacations, leaves and time-off requests.

What are the benefits of using employee scheduling software?

Employee shift scheduling software saves time and ensures that employees are always scheduled according to their personal preferences and availability. Shift scheduling tools help managers stay organized, and provide other benefits like direct links to payroll and time-off management systems.

What is the best way to organize employee schedules?

Of course, there are more effective ways to create a work schedule. Using pen and paper, for instance, is a time-tested technique. There are also several varieties of free employee scheduling software. While most of these scheduling tools aren’t specifically designed for scheduling, one system is — Sling.

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