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Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how to buy tickets for Emagine Royal Oak?

Where: Only at Emagine Royal Oak. How Much: Tickets prices will be standard, varying by time of day, age, and seat type. They can be purchased online, through our mobile app, or at theatre box office and kiosks. What Else : We recommend guests arrive approximately 30 mins before the movie showtime to allow enough time to order.

What is the Emax Royal Oak movie Suite?

This private, soundproof movie suite gives you a bird's eye view of Emagine Royal Oak's EMAX screen with access to a semi-private bar and restrooms.

What is the Emagine sports lounge?

The Emagine Sports Lounge is a full Vegas style experience at Emagine Royal Oak for guests to come and enjoy a wide variety of sporting events on an impressive display.

What are the Emagine rewards and Emagine extras?

We also offer our Emagine Extras for $12.75 per year where you can earn points faster, receive a free ticket on your birthday, save on concessions during each visit and more. We value our returning guests and Emagine Rewards is our way of thanking you for your support.

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