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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the experience at Emagine Royal Oak like?

The experience that Emagine Royal Oak provides is much more than an exceptional movie showing.

What is the Emax Royal Oak movie Suite?

This private, soundproof movie suite gives you a bird's eye view of Emagine Royal Oak's EMAX screen with access to a semi-private bar and restrooms.

Where to go to a movie in Royal Oak?

“ Conveniently located in downtown Royal Oak, right off of Main St. There are plenty of meter spots to park at and even a parking structure. ” in 9 reviews Emagine Theatres is an affordable, luxury movie-going experience for all ages. Our theatres feature

What is Emagine theaters?

Emagine Theaters is the best movie theater chain in Michigan and the Midwest! It, as any who has gone to see a movie at Emagine knows, was founded in Michigan (Clarkston!) by CEO & chairman Paul Glantz! (He welcomes you to Emagine before every movie plays!)

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