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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the High Roller room at Emagine Royal Oak?

Complete with private bar, pool table and 4 luxury bowling lanes, the High Roller Room in Emagine Royal Oak will leave a lasting impression on your guests. This private, soundproof movie suite gives you a bird's eye view of Emagine Royal Oak's EMAX screen with access to a semi-private bar and restrooms.

Is Emagine Royal Oak a good place to live?

Emagine Royal Oak, specifically, is absolutely wonderful. I love in general that each Emagine has such unique things to offer, and Emagine Royal Oak is no exception. They are a movie theater, bowling alley, and grille all bundled into one and I've done all three here! Movies wise - this location offers about 12 theaters.

What is the Emagine sports lounge?

The Emagine Sports Lounge is a full Vegas style experience at Emagine Royal Oak for guests to come and enjoy a wide variety of sporting events on an impressive display.

Who is the owner of Emagine Entertainment?

Paul Glantz, owner of Emagine Entertainment, envisioned the development of an entertainment venue, integrated into the pedestrian-oriented Downtown of Royal Oak. Ronnisch/MICCO Joint Venture was ready to bring Paul Glantz’s unique vision to life. With a daunting schedule, we began construction of the 73,000-square foot Emagine Theater.

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