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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emagine hire at all locations?

Emagine is Now Hiring at all locations. Working at Emagine provides a great opportunity to work in a fun environment, with flexible schedules and excellent advancement opportunities. Emagine Team Members also receive Free Movies! Apply Today. The largest CinemaScope screen in the Midwest is at Canton.

What is Emagine theaters?

Emagine Theaters is the best movie theater chain in Michigan and the Midwest! It, as any who has gone to see a movie at Emagine knows, was founded in Michigan (Clarkston!) by CEO & chairman Paul Glantz! (He welcomes you to Emagine before every movie plays!)

Is Emagine worth the drive to Detroit?

If you live anywhere within the metro Detroit area, there is probably an Emagine located not too far away from you. If that's the case then trust me, it's worth the drive.

What kind of wine does Emagine offer?

We also offer a wide range of red and white wines for even the pickiest of wine connoisseurs. Emagine offers hundreds of unique drink options with Coke Freestyle. Connect to a Freestyle machine using the CCFS app, find machines near you, get special offers at your favorite locations, save your favorite drinks, and more!

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