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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emagine hire at all locations?

Emagine is Now Hiring at all locations. Working at Emagine provides a great opportunity to work in a fun environment, with flexible schedules and excellent advancement opportunities. Emagine Team Members also receive Free Movies! Apply Today. The largest CinemaScope screen in the Midwest is at Canton.

How many movie screens does Emagine have in Michigan?

Completion of the anticipated expansion Emagine Canton / Westland is predicated on obtaining the necessary entitlements from the City of Westland, Canton Township, and Wayne County. With the addition of the two new screens at the Canton / Westland location, Emagine Entertainment, Inc.’s affiliates will operate 253 movie screens at 20 locations.

What is call about Emagine Theatres?

Call About Emagine Theatres is an affordable, luxury movie-going experience for all ages.

Why Emagine auditoriums?

Our state-of-the-art auditoriums are ideal for holiday parties, independent film releases and more! Emagine reminds us all that education, our most important commodity for today's youth, can be fun with field trips to your local theatre.

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