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Frequently Asked Questions

What is it about Emagine?

It, as any who has gone to see a movie at Emagine knows, was founded in Michigan (Clarkston!) by CEO & chairman Paul Glantz! (He welcomes you to Emagine before every movie plays!) It has now expanded its locations throughout all of Michigan and the Midwest, and I couldn't be more proud of this little company that could!

Does Emagine hire at all locations?

Emagine is Now Hiring at all locations. Working at Emagine provides a great opportunity to work in a fun environment, with flexible schedules and excellent advancement opportunities. Emagine Team Members also receive Free Movies! Apply Today. The largest CinemaScope screen in the Midwest is at Canton.

How big is the Emagine Theatre?

Measuring over 94 feet wide, Emagine’s will be a spectacular theatre in which to enjoy Hollywood’s “tent pole” films. The 4K laser-projected image will be paired with a Dolby Atmos ® immersive sound system to create the most remarkable moviegoing experience in the marketplace today.

How many movie screens does Emagine have in Michigan?

Completion of the anticipated expansion Emagine Canton / Westland is predicated on obtaining the necessary entitlements from the City of Westland, Canton Township, and Wayne County. With the addition of the two new screens at the Canton / Westland location, Emagine Entertainment, Inc.’s affiliates will operate 253 movie screens at 20 locations.

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