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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the drug Eliquis so expensive?

Like all life-saving drugs, Eliquis is expensive because the pharmaceutical companies know that nobody is going to opt for death over debt. Because of this, people who are either taking Eliquis or may end up taking Eliquis in the future should consider using an Eliquis coupon to avoid breaking the bank.

Is Eliquis less expensive than Xarelto?

Pradaxa and Eliquis are both still only available in brand form, so they don’t have cheaper generic versions. Still, they may be more affordable than Xarelto, especially if they are covered by your prescription insurance. For more information on how Xarelto compares to other anticoagulants, check out Iodine’s page on Xarelto alternatives. As always, you’ll want to speak with your doctor if you think other medications might work better for you.

Is Eliquis more expensive than warfarin?

Many patients who struggle to pay for their blood thinner may be forced to switch to warfarin because it is more affordable than Eliquis and Xarelto, the report said. This switch puts them at higher risk of dangerous bleeding and necessitates burdensome, frequent lab tests.

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