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Frequently Asked Questions

Why electelectronics manufacturing in Mexico?

Electronics manufacturing in Mexico provides industry leaders like Sony, Samsung, and GoPro a skilled labor pool, duty-free access to the US and over 40 other international markets, and strong intellectual property (IP) protections.

How much does a guitar cost in Mexico?

Guitarras Anotha, one of 29 guitar factories in town, produces 120 guitars each day. Most will wholesale for about $20 and will be sold throughout Mexico. The various parts of a guitar each require different “tone woods.” On the top, for example, spruce is a common choice because it is sturdy and light, yet produces powerful, clear sounds.

Where are electronics manufactured in Mexico?

Across the country and especially concentrated along US border regions like Tijuana, where Tecma is active, electronics manufacturing in Mexico is firmly established and growing. The US is the world’s largest consumer of electronics devices.

Why are Mexican guitars so important?

But, Guillermo says, they are still important, not only for the economy of the town, but for the country’s musicians. “For most Mexicans, a cheap guitar is the only one they can buy. If they have talent, then later on, sure, they can graduate to a better guitar. But this gets them playing.”

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