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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Electoral Registry in Mexico?

The electoral registry in Mexico is of an active nature, that is, it is responsibility of the citizens who fulfill the requirements, to attend, carry out and complete their registration in person before one of the field offices or modules set up for this purpose by the IFE throughout the country.

How are elections held in Mexico?

Elections in Mexico determine who, on the national level, takes the position of the head of state – the president – as well as the legislature. The President of Mexico is elected for a six-year term by the people.

What are the requirements of the Mexican electoral system?

The exact and timely registration, as well as the updating and permanent refinement of the diverse instruments that contain the names and personal information of all Mexican citizens that hold the right to vote, constitutes an essential requirement to guarantee the transparency and reliability of the electoral processes.

Can overseas citizens vote in Mexico’s elections?

Most of the elections are for governor, but overseas citizens registered in Mexico City, Jalisco, and Guerrero will be able to vote in state legislative elections.

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