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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ElcomSoft phone viewer?

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is a lightweight and convenient tool to quickly analyze evidence found in the results of physical acquisition. In addition to file system images produced by Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit, the Viewer can analyze file system images saved by GrayKey.

Why choose ElcomSoft for forensics?

Elcomsoft serves governments, military and law enforcement customers by supplying a range of tools for computer and mobile forensics. Our tools are fully accountable and forensically sound, and require no steep learning curve and no special trainings or certifications.

Can ElcomSoft phone viewer display health data stored in iTunes backups?

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer can display Health data stored in password-protected iTunes backups and file system images obtained from iOS devices in TAR/ZIP format with Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit or GrayKey during physical extraction. Since the introduction of the iPhone 5s, Apple’s first 64-bit iPhone, physical acquisition has never been the same.

What can you do with ElcomSoft analytics?

Analyze information extracted with ElcomSoft and third-party acquisition tools with a fast, lightweight viewer. Decrypt and view iOS backups and synced data, browse iOS file system images, analyze iCloud Photo Library and access synchronized data with ease.

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