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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Elco lighting?

Over three decades ago, in the heart of Los Angeles, ELCO Lighting was founded on the philosophy that high quality lighting products should be sold at a fair market price. Our commitment to this philosophy and dedication to exceptional customer service serve as the very soul of our company.

Who is the owner of Elco?

In 1899 Isaac Rice, president of the Electric Storage Battery Company and owner of Electric Boat Company, now Electro-Dynamic Company, (both suppliers to Elco), acquired Elco as a subsidiary of his new Electric Boat Company. Elco built a new boatyard in Bayonne, New Jersey soon afterward.

Where are Elco boats made?

Elco built a new boatyard in Bayonne, New Jersey soon afterward. Previously, Elco boats had been built in subcontracted facilities. By 1900, electric-powered pleasure boats outnumbered the combined number of boats powered by steam and explosive engines (as gasoline-powered motors were called).

Why choose an elelco product?

ELCO understands that lighting is a major contributor to energy consumption around the world. From the very beginning, we have engineered our products to be extremely efficient. Whether it’s our CFL or LED product line, we strive to have a positive impact on energy use, one fixture at a time.

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