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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Elco electric inboard motors?

The award-winning Elco electric inboard motor system uses highly reliable AC induction motors that are powerful and simple to maintain, with a suggested service life of more than 50,000 hours. Whether powering a new build or retrofitting a traditional boat, Elco electric inboard motors are designed with easy installation in mind.

What parts of the Elco motor system are pre-wired?

This includes the E-Gauge IV, Throttle, Ignition Key, Power on Light, Power Boost Button, Controller/AC Inverter, and 15’ Pre-Wired Harness. All Elco electric inboard motor system components are pre-wired for “plug & play” installation.

Why choose elelco lighting?

ELCO Lighting was founded on the philosophy that high quality lighting products should be sold at a fair market price. Our commitment to this philosophy and dedication to exceptional customer service are the very soul of our company.

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