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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you illustrate a farm?

By following this tutorial you can learn how to illustrate a farm in just a few steps. Create the background. Draw a curve to coming from the right side of your paper and trailing off at the bottom. Then add two more curves over the first, forming a couple of rolling hills. Draw a stout, arrow-like shape for the front of the barn.

What do you put in a barn drawing?

Add details like the grain silos in the back. You could also include some animals around the barn (cows, pigs, sheep, etc.) and some clouds in a clear blue sky. Color in your drawing. Use blue for the sky, red for most of the barn, white for the details of the door/window, green for the pasture, and yellow for the fields!

What is the best way to draw crops?

Crops should be evenly spaced and in rows and columns in a rectangular, flat area. For root crops you could draw leaf shapes coming out of the ground, varying with each type of crop. For wheat fields you could draw a line with an oval shape with pointy triangle shapes overlapping and sticking out through the side.

What's a good landscape drawing challenge for nature lovers?

With a forest silhouette in the background and a canopy of trees in the foreground, this rural lane is a peaceful nature scene. This landscape is a wonderful drawing challenge for nature lovers. Plan, design, draw and color - a plentiful cartoon valley. Change up the look to make yours unique.

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