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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase instruments from EastWest play?

Access online server from the Play software, audition individual instruments in your track, and purchase the instruments 24/7. Load and audition other collections, and purchase at any time with an authorization code (or purchase codes from EastWest authorized resellers). Favorites section to group the instruments you use most.

Why choose EastWest pianos?

EastWest virtual instruments have that rare ability to inspire creative thinking. Always something I want out of sounds to lead me somewhere, to let myself go. EastWest Pianos are the best virtual instruments available today. The recording quality and playability are fantastic, faithfully reproducing the resonances of a well tuned piano.

What is EastWest Opus Software?

The EastWest OPUS software is where you will load all of your EastWest instrument libraries. It can be run both in Standalone mode, as well as a plug-in inside of your DAW.

Why choose EastWest virtual instruments?

The sounds are impeccably captured while the ease of use of the software makes the instruments top of their field. EastWest virtual instruments have enjoyed an invaluable place in my palette for many years both in the mock up and final phase, these sounds offer absolutely stunning quality, fidelity, and musicality.

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