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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mount Kenya University eLearning?

Mount Kenya University Elearning is the technology hub responsible for providing online, e-learning and virtual learning university education. For information about Mount Kenya University please visit

What is the cost of e-learning at MKU?

Subsidised e-Learning bundles: MKU has partnered with Safaricom to enable learners to purchase subsidised data bundles, 10GB at Kshs. 500 to access online learning and e-resources. Each teacher will be required to pay a maximum fee of Kenya Shillings 6,000 per year to take part in the training.

How do I take the MKU exam online?

Login to (Use userId and Password for elearning portal for those who had not changed) to access the examination. Go to Membership and select the unit and open test and Quizzes. Maintain your camera and audio on throughout the session. Observe examinations guide lines.

Why choose MKU School of Education?

Centre of Excellence in Teacher Professional Development: MKU School of Education has vast experience in providing professional development within East and Central Africa.

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