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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dunlop tyres good in Pakistan?

Dunlop tyres are available at very reasonable prices all over Pakistan. Of course, these prices vary from one specification to the other; however, the price-efficiency ratio of Dunlop tyres is typically much better than other tyre brands available in the country.

Why choose Dunlop tyres?

The brand has been constantly improving its quality and gaining more and more customers despite several other tyres currently available in Pakistan. Dunlop tyres are a blend of latest technology and a century of experience in tyre manufacturing.

Who makes Dunlop tires?

The Dunlop brand is owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. The brand in owned by Dunlop India Limited in India while in Asia, Latin America and Africa, the same brand is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Why choose dundunlop grandtrek PT2 tires?

Dunlop GRANDTREK PT2 is designed with a unique silica rubber compound in its tread. This Silica compound helps to enhance tire traction and enables more effective braking in wet and dry. The central rib in the tread provides precise control and high-speed car handling.

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