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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Dunlop belting products?

With the conveyor belts being produced at DUNLOP Belting Products to the high REMA TIP TOP quality criteria, the company is in the position to supply such belts to any continent in the world. DUNLOP Belting Products South Africa manufactures innovative high-performance conveyor belts that meet or even exceed all established international standards.

Why choose Dunlop ferroflex steel cord belting?

The worldwide Fenner Dunlop Group has more than 40 years of experience in producing top quality steelcord belting. Dunlop Ferroflex has a tension layer composed of longitudinal steel cords through which power transmission is effected.

What is dundunlop Ultima rubber sheeting?

Dunlop Ultima premier grade rubber sheeting is specifically designed to provide outstanding durability across a wide range of industrial uses. Unlike almost all other industrial rubber sheeting, it is exclusively manufactured in our production facilities here in the Netherlands.

What is dundunlop multiprof?

Dunlop Multiprof is a multi-purpose profiled belt for inclined conveying that has been developed specifically for transporting packaged goods such as boxes, bags, and baggage as well as bulk materials including agricultural products, oily materials, woodchips and wet sand.

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