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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my activation code for dispatchtrack?

Your activation code is the prefix of the URL you use to access our software. If your DispatchTrack portal is at, your activation code would be "yourcompanyname." If that doesn't work, please contact your company's IT administrator. For other issues, contact DispatchTrack customer support.

How does dispatch dispatchtrack work?

DispatchTrack logs every delivery and automatically calculates invoices and payments so you get paid faster. Geostamps, installation workflows, photos, videos, notes and signatures document every step of deliveries. Perfectly optimized routes calculate the most accurate ETAs — in seconds.

Why dispatchtrack for last mile logistics?

Our customers rely on DispatchTrack's advanced logistics tools to solve complex last mile delivery challenges with AI-powered route optimization, robust customer communications and accurate ETAs. Adding or switching last mile logistics software is a critical decision.

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