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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of driftmark?

Driftmark is a low-lying and fertile island. It is named after driftwood brought by the tides. Settlements on the island have included the castles of Driftmark and High Tide, the towns Hull and Spicetown, and shipyards. History. Driftmark was settled by House Velaryon prior to the arrival of House Targaryen at Dragonstone.

What happens in driftmark's Hall?

Driftmark's hall is silent as a tomb, moments before tragedy strikes. The Queen mother reaches for her husband's dagger, goes to strike down the Heir to the Iron Throne, Rhaenyra now turned towards her old friend ready to stop her.

What does Lelouch Velaryon say about Castle driftmark?

Lelouch Velaryon was a dragon, and so were his dreams. “No worthy seat for the blood of old Valyria,” Lelouch said as they rode. Castle Driftmark was no homely home. The oft-salted walls were damp, dark, and far too small to contain his ambitions.

Where is driftmark in Dragonstone?

Driftmark is an island west of Dragonstone in Blackwater Bay. The seat of House Velaryon in the crownlands, it has a long point. The Gullet separates Driftmark from Massey's Hook to the south.

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