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Frequently Asked Questions

What does drag mean in racing?

Drag racing is a type of race that pits two vehicles against each other in a test of rapid acceleration and speed. Usually drag races are held on a straight strip or a track. Both vehicles start at the same point and are completely stopped when the race starts.

What is another word for drag?

Another word for drag. Noun. drag, retarding force - the phenomenon of resistance to motion through a fluid. drag - the act of dragging (pulling with force) Example:- the drag up the hill exhausted him. drag - something that slows or delays progress.

How is drag reduced?

How it works. With drag reduction, there are many factors which play a role in how well the drag is reduced. A main factor in this is temperature. With a higher temperature, the drag reducing agent is easier to degrade. At a low temperature the drag reducing agent will tend to cluster together.

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