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Frequently Asked Questions

What is in a 15 piece drafting kit?

This 15-piece kit is perfect for a basic setup and includes specialty tools like a horsehair drafting brush and a French curve. . This set includes a compass that comes with its own hard-lock carrying case as well as a host of pencils and measuring tools.

What are the drafting products available?

A complete selection of top quality drafting products conveniently grouped by instrument type from trusted suppliers such as Alvin and Kohinoor are offered. Scales architects, engineering, & metric graduated rulers to read and design blueprint plans Pantographs, proportional dividers and other tools for transferring and scaling.

What are the best T-rulers for drawing?

Pangda 12 Inch/ 30 cm Junior T-Square Plastic Transparent T-Ruler for Drafting and General… Mr. Pen - Geometry Set, 4 Pack, Metal Protractor, Aluminum Ruler, Metal Set Square,… 50 Pack Clear Plastic Ruler, 12 Inch Standard/Metric Rulers Straight Ruler…

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