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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a drafting template?

A drafting template is a flat piece of plastic with standard symbols cut in it. The drafting templates shapes are used as guides for drawing symbols on plans.

How do I create a drafting sheet?

Select the gray tab labeled “Application” on the top left side of the screen. Move the cursor to the left and click the “Drafting” icon. The "Drafting" icon is a yellow caliper with black edges, and an "L" shape rests on top of the caliper. Choose the appropriate size for the drafting sheet.

What is an architectural drawing template?

This is a standard architectural drawing template that indicates the general plan of the architecture. The template gives you quick and easy way of having a general plan which will go under changes before being finalised. Therefore, it saves your time and effort in sketching the primary architectural drawing.

What are the dimensions of a drafting sheet?

In this example, the dimensions for a “A” sheet are 8.5 by 11 inches. You can also use the “Standard Size” or “Custom Size” sizes for a drafting sheet. Note: "Standard Size" is E size with the dimensions as 34 by 44 inches.

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