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Frequently Asked Questions

How to draw a site plan for your property?

How to Draw a Site Plan for Your Property – DIY Plot Plan Options. 1 Create a Free account. 2 Wait for the RoomSketcher email to confirm your account. 3 Download the RoomSketcher App. 4 Start the App. 5 Choose 2D or 3D Site Plans, and explore.

How do I create a site plan in AutoCAD?

See the lengthy step-by-step process here. Choose File > New and search Site Plan. Find Site Plan in the results, and choose Create. Use Tools to draw structures or insert a CAD drawing or copy and paste an existing Visio drawing. Enter roads, landscape, symbols, text and other features. A 1-year subscription to AutoCAD is about $1,700.

Why SmartDraw is the ideal site planning software?

SmartDraw makes it easy to design and draw site plans. SmartDraw combines ease of use with a robust set of design features and an incredible depth of site plan templates and symbols. Top Reasons SmartDraw is the Ideal Site Planning Software Quick-Start Site Plan Templates

What can you do with a drag and drop site plan?

You can drag-and-drop building, shrubs, grasses, sprinkler systems, groundcover and apply brick patterns and even photo-realistic textures! You save time—now you can quickly sketch out your site plan without having to learn difficult CAD software.

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