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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fantasy football mock draft?

Mock draft is a term used by sports websites and magazines in reference to a simulation of a sports league draft or fantasy sports league's draft. Mock drafts for the NFL Draft or other league drafts are very popular in magazines and online.

What is an auction mock draft?

In an auction draft, teams take turns nominating players. When a player is nominated, teams can place bids to win this specific player. The team with the highest bid wins the player and the amount of points that that specific player was won for is deducted from that team's budget.

What is the ESPN mock draft?

Mock draft. ESPN has run mock drafts on the front page of its website, allowing any visitor to vote towards a specific team's choice. Mock drafts are often found to be helpful to fans because they allow them to speculate on which members of the collegiate ranks will join the fan's favorite team.

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