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Frequently Asked Questions

How do DraftKings affiliates make money?

Being a DraftKings affiliate means earning a 40% cut of the net winnings of their referral for their first 30 days as a customer of Draft Kings. Then from day 31 onwards, that revenue share slides to 25%, which is still more than respectable for this industry.

How much can you earn with a sports betting affiliate?

So, for example, a standard sports betting referral will earn you £15, but an online casino referral will put £20 in your pocket. They’re the top performer from all the sports betting affiliate programs on Commission Junction . EPC: £223.66

What is betbetting on sports?

Betting on sports is offered for different types of sports events including hockey, boxing, cricket, basketball, football, horse racing, and many others. Another great reason is the fascinating thrill it provides. Its demand is fast increasing and with such affiliate programs, you can generate enough revenue.

What is FanDuel affiliate program?

FanDuel Affiliate Program FanDuel offers sports betters a little bit of everything. You can choose to bet on fantasy sports, on regular sports betting events, or on horse races run on tracks all over the world – from Leopardstown, Ireland to Tampa Bay Downs, Florida.

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