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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to start downsizing?

Here is a great guide and timeline for short-term downsizing goals: Month 1: Sorting Into Categories The first month into your downsizing journey will be the most important. ... Month 2: Turn A Profit The second month of your journey is the perfect time to figure out what to do with all of the stuff that you want ... Month 3: Prepare For The Big Move

What do you need to know about downsizing?

Key Takeaways Downsizing is a reduction in a company's workforce to save money. The federal WARN Act requires companies with more than 100 employees to provide 60 days' notice of mass layoffs. If your company doesn't fall under WARN Act guidelines, you may not receive much notice if your company downsizes. More items...

What are the benefits of downsizing?

One of the advantages of downsizing is that it gives you a chance to scale your business down to a more realistic and manageable size. During periods of growth, companies tend to add personnel and equipment that serves immediate business purposes.

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