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Frequently Asked Questions

What is downdowns Ford known for?

Downs Ford is a leading NJ car dealer that began as Lakehurst Motors in 1930. William Downs believed service was the cornerstone of the car business. When the NJ Ford dealership moved to its Route 37 facility, it featured a two-car showroom and 22 service bays.

Who is the owner of downs Ford?

In 1979 service manager Nelson Rick Riccardi, Sr. and sales manager William Arden purchased the business from William Downs. With a combined 63 years of service with the company at the time, Rick and Bill were well prepared to continue the Downs tradition of excellent service. As Toms River expanded, so did Downs Ford.

When did Downs Ford Open in Toms River?

As Toms River expanded, so did Downs Ford. Rick and Bill built and opened the present facility in 1985.

Where is the Ford dealership in Los Angeles?

New & Used Car Dealers Los Angeles, CA Galpin Ford is located at 15505 Roscoe Boulevard, North Hills, CA.

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