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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dothraki language like?

The Dothraki language is considered a rough, harsh language by Westerosi. They use descriptive names, e.g. Rhaesh Andahli, meaning "the land of the Andals ", for Westeros, shierak qiya, literally "bleeding star", used to describe the red comet, or the term Milk Men for the Qartheen, pointing towards their paleness.

What do the Dothraki believe in the stars?

Dothraki were not accustomed to staying long in one place. They were a warrior people, not made for cities. Theon: The Dothraki believe the stars are spirits of the valiant dead. Lorren: Dothraki?

What are the Dothraki bloodriders supposed to do?

Ancient traditions of the Dothraki demand that a khal's bloodriders die with him, riding the night lands by his side. When a khal is killed by an enemy, his bloodriders are to only live long enough to avenge him. The last duty the bloodriders owe their khal is taking his wife or wives to Vaes Dothrak to join the dosh khaleen.

What happens to the bodies of Dothraki when they die?

The bodies of deceased Dothraki are next burned beneath the open sky. However, when a child dies at an age at which he is too young to ride, the child will not ride in the night lands but instead be reborn to begin life anew. A khal is given a funeral pyre after he dies.

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