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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy acrylic paint?

Here at Cheap Joe's Art Stuff, you'll find a large selection of acrylic paint. We have a great selection of artist-grade acrylics, student grade acrylic paints, interference colors, fluid acrylics, and acrylic mediums. Choose from your favorite brands including Golden, Liquitex, Winsor & Newton, American Journey, Sennelier, and more.

Does acrylic art paint need a sealer?

It depends. Some acrylic paints are figured explicitly to act naturally “self- sealant” and open-air safe without an extra sealer. Other acrylic paints would require a sealant to be sealed.

Does acrylic paint wash off windows?

The paint can be scraped or washed off without damaging the windows. However, for more permanent projects, other paints are ideal. For example, acrylic paints with additives are much more permanent than latex paint. For art projects such as stained glass, resin-based paints are ideal.

Does acrylic paint wash off clothing?

If acrylic paint gets on your clothes, you need to wash the stain immediately while it’s still wet with soapy water, rub well, and rinse thoroughly. If the paint is hard to get off, you can add washer detergent or spray spot remover and rub with an old toothbrush.

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