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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Dollar General threaten to close Serafini store in Connecticut?

Dollar General, in response to questions from The Post, said that no threats were made to close the Connecticut store and denied that Serafini was “treated unlawfully.”

What is the size of a Dollar General Store?

To serve these communities, Dollar General has concentrated on needs, not wants. Each store typically consists of about 7,400 square feet of cramped, dimly lit aisles focusing on staples such as milk, eggs and diapers as well as products such as pain relievers, frying pans and motor oil.

What was the settlement for the Dollar General case?

As part of a settlement approved by the National Labor Relations Board, Dollar General agreed to compensate the fired worker. The company was also required to post a notice in the Auxvasse store’s break room acknowledging the monetary settlement and its workers’ right to organize.

Why did Dollar General close its last store?

In a statement, Dollar General said the decision to close the store, just weeks after it was ordered to negotiate with the union, was based on an “assessment of the store’s future profitability.”

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