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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Doctor Mozart's music theory workbooks?

Whether your child is learning piano, guitar, or violin – or singing in a choir – Doctor Mozart's keyboard-based approach to music theory can help your child succeed. The clear, detailed explanations of each topic make Doctor Mozart workbooks easy to understand for children and parents alike. So they are ideal for home schooling and music lessons.

Are there any good music theory workbooks for kids?

In-Depth Piano Theory Fun for Children's Music Lessons and Home Schooling. Doctor Mozart ® workbooks teach music theory in-depth — and they're fun too! Entertaining illustrations and diagrams that attract your child's interest and serve as memory aids. Highly effective exercises, to ensure that your child understands every topic.

Can you use Doctor Mozart books with other books?

Doctor Mozart workbooks can be used together with any other music books, piano books, or music education apps. Popular with Kids; Recommended by Teachers. "As a Certified Teacher of Kelly Kirby Kindergarten Piano, I have several of my 4 and 5 year olds using the Doctor Mozart Workbook.

What is the best way to learn Mozart?

Clear, detailed explanations in short, simple sentences. A hands-on, pencil and paper, tactile experience, that involves writing notes, clefs, and musical symbols by hand, for learning that is deep and enduring. Just right for young beginners 6 to 12 years old, Doctor Mozart workbooks come in three levels.

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