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Frequently Asked Questions

How many mosquito will a dragonfly eat in a day?

A single adult dragonfly can eat anywhere from 30 to hundreds of mosquitoes in a single day. And not just that, but their larvae prey on mosquito larvae as well.

Do Dragonflies eat anything other than Mosquitos?

The adult dragonfly likes to eat gnats, mayflies, flies, mosquitoes and other small flying insects. They sometimes eat butterflies, moths and bees too.

Why do Dragonflies eat mosquitoes?

Dragonflies are natural enemies of mosquitoes in all their stages of growth. Dragonfly larvae live in the water like mosquito larvae and feed on them, while adult dragonflies eat adult mosquitoes. The problem is that dragonflies also eat other things.

Do dragonflies kill mosquitoes?

Departments. Dragonflies are often referred to as "mosquito hawks" for their supposed ability to kill thousands of mosquitoes. Though they do consume their fair share of mosquitoes, dragonflies like most natural predators of mosquitoes do not consume enough mosquitoes to cause a significant impact on mosquitoes populations in the wild.

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