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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP DMCI (DMI)?

SAP DMCi, formerly known as SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights (DMI), sharpens production insights from enterprise to plant level to foster continuous improvement in industrial environments using sense and respond software from SAP.

What is SAP DMC (digital manufacturing cloud)?

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system designed to provide the link between production and business in supply chain management. SAP DMC provides global visibility across all plants by connecting top floor business systems to shop floor equipment.

What are the key benefits of sap DMC?

Key Benefits of SAP DMC 1 Gain insights needed to enhance manufacturing performance 2 Timely, accurate, and accessible reporting 3 Increase visibility of manufacturing processes 4 Customizable reporting capabilities 5 Maximize utilization of business assets More ...

What is SAP DMCE (execution)?

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (SAP DMC) is divided into three modules: SAP DMCe (Execution) connects (top) management with the shop floor and serves as a central production control system that can be used to precisely plan the order-related use of resources and the work steps in production.

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