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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is DMCI Holdings?

To watch the recorded livestreaming, please click here. DMCI Holdings, Inc. (DMCIHI) was incorporated on March 8, 1995 as a holding company to consolidate all construction business, construction component companies and related interests of the Consunji Family. It was listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange on December 18, 1995.

What does DMCI stand for?

D.M. Consunji, Inc. (DMCI) is known today as one of the Philippines’ leading construction companies.

Why DMCI Homes?

DMCI Homes is dedicated to delivering quality developments on time or even ahead of what we promised. Get to know the latest news and updates about DMCI Homes. Before the pandemic, DMCI Homes employees held a yearly Christmas party for kids living in the company’s...

What is the new product line for DMCI?

Housing is the newest addition to DMCI’s product portfolio. DMCI has the capability to conduct heavy-lifting jobs. DMCI supports a balanced well-being for its employees. For this reason, it provides a functional gym facility, complete with working and regularly maintained gym equipment.

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